Sunday, May 26, 2013

Words of an insane

" Hey , child lets learn English ..............
   A for Adebolajo
   B for Beheading                                                                                     
   C for Cleaver                                                                                            
   D for Drummer
   E for England
   F for  Fight
and so on the dad went on .......... " 
Daddy daddy this aint my words for my alphabets 
ya , I know child !! these are mine ........
The last conversation that bolajo might have wanted . So as they say he is a radical , extremist , terrorist and the list is never ending ..... 
No one said him 
    I for Insane ........
They said  
    I for Islamic terrorist
Bolajo was sexually tormented in Kenya in 2010 and once he was handed back to the British government , was it ever ensured that he was being counseled?? . Post 9/11 the claims of different developed nation was a sincere and dedicated efforts towards the war on terrorism . But the way I see the whole claim goes in drain. According to reports , he was under the scanner along with Toby but why he was never counseled even after his radical behavior was repeatedly observed and recorded. 
                                                                        No one will and can know about what his deal was with MI6 , but certainly the security agencies are also to be blamed .  You let a screwball on the loose , and then you say he is a Islamic terrorist , why ? Because he recorded his footage . Such theories drives me nuts , when a person is insane  does his name and religion count? No it does  not . The claims of he being a Islamic terrorist will also be supported ,when this maniac in court would pass bizarre statements and the world will shout in unison " radicalization and Islam" . 
                                                             Has not the time arrived when the sheets of religion be removed before our eyes when we see the screwball beards ,  the forehead saffrons . the cross lying in the neck of white devil and many others.I respect religion , I follow my  religion it does not make me a radical . The words of a deranged should not  be connected to the point of view of a community . Adebolajo just became a father few days before , even the god almighty himself gave him the gift of life so that he may stop . But in the world of a madman , gifts and curses are no different.
                                         Daddy leaves the room , the child smiles and winks at his father and says 
                   " God is great , daddy"
 Few hours later a man beheads a soldier and shouts 
                    " Allah -u- Akbar ( God is great) "
INSANITY at its peak and world cries " Islamic terrorist "